Indoor/Outdoor Chimneys


Aria Floating Moon Shadow Dancer Sun Dancer

Indoor/Outdoor Chimneys

One of our most popular designs with brides the world over, Aria is the essence of romantic candlelighting. Ideal for an alfresco table-for-two, its statuesque chimney protects the flame from the evening breeze. Full moon rising over all your special settings. Sheathed in wide walls of pure glass, the flame is sheltered from the breeze when used for garden luminaria. Romantic lighting for the alfresco table, our Patio Pillars are handturned to the hexagonal shape and substantial heft of the classic jar candle. Their guard protects the flame from the evening breeze and their oil capacity is generous enough to host many a festive meal.
Aria Floating Moon Patio Pillars

Named for the lively shadow play it casts on the walls of a room, our new Sun Dancer is perfect spotlighting for all your patio entertaining. Its gracefully spiraling chimney protects the flame until your last guest has departed.   Named for the animated play of shadows it radiates from the base, its chimney shelters the flame. Now your patio dinner remains romantically lit well beyond dessert.

Sun Dancer

  Shadow Dancer