Testimonials (What Our Customers Are Saying)

THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! I received 2 quarts of lamp oil today! My goodness, I never expected this....honestly! Just wanted you to know about the packaging.... You're one of the best companies I've ever dealt with....As soon as I decide which 'larger' lamp I want, I'll e-mail you immediately.

(walk in customer)

My wife and I have always been enchanted and drawn to candles of all kinds, but the elegance and simplicity of a clear glass oil candle has a certain magic to it. But your oil candles are the only ones that burn best and with the least trouble and light almost instantly. Our dining room table is filled with Firelight oil candles and the extra ones we have grace our shelves.

Brooklyn, NY

I purchased several of your Waterlily Stem, 14” tall candle. I really like all the products that I’ve seen.

St. Louis, MO

I wanted to have a unique unity candle for my wedding. My sisters found your candles in a store and I will be getting the pod candle. Thanks for allowing us to be truly unique!

Potsdam, NY

We were given a set of three oil candles and they’ve transformed dinners into romantic events around here.

Vashon Is., WA

My husband and I have traveled extensively throughout our 50 States and many trips to Europe and enjoy many lovely ‘souvenirs’ of our trips. However, none of these treasures have given me more delight than a set of three Firelight Glass oil-burning candles, purchased locally, which my husband surprised me with a few years ago. I have enjoyed them immensely, using them in centerpieces for all the holidays, and they have been admired much by many friends who, in turn, purchased the candles for themselves.

LaVale , MD

Your products are the greatest. I love candlelight and received several of your tabletop lights for my anniversary. I am really looking forward to getting more.

Gaston, OR

Thank you for your wonderful products. They have truly enriched the atmosphere of my home.


I just wanted to drop you folks a note to let you know I just purchased 2 pyramid candles and I’m thrilled with them.

Chelmsford, MA

I bought some of your square and oval Firelight Glass candles, and absolutely love them. They never burn down low and are very beautiful.

Brownstown, PA

I have 2 of your pieces, and am anxious to collect more.

West Melbourne, FL

I recently ordered your 14” Waterlily oil lamp for my sister’s anniversary. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for supply such a beautiful product, shipping so quickly, and making an impression that will last forever! She loved it!!!


I hope your company grows and prospers. You have a beautiful product and good Customer Relations.

New Haven, CT

Our house is a living testimony that your company is to be commended for a “Job Well Done.”


We received a trio of Firelight candles for our anniversary. I love these candles.

Port Angeles, WA

I was given a set of Firelight candles many years ago and continue to enjoy them….I’m happy to find you on the internet!!!

Wichita, KS

I have 2 sets of your tall candles and I just love them! We have a lot of power outages where I live and the candles are so handy and useful…I just can’t live without them.

Friday Harbor, WA

I have been collecting your candles for years.

Bedminster, NJ

We received Firelight Glass prisms as a gift for our 35th anniversary. You add to our celebration!

Bedford, OR

I have several of your lamps. They are the best I’ve seen.

Marietta, GA

Whenever I have dinner guests I use my candles as a centerpiece and it never fails I get
questions on where they can purchase them……I love my set!!!!


Purchased three large Prisim candles yesterday. My first candle came as a gift, and for three years I've purchased sets each year. Have never had a problem with the wicks - but the largest prisim wick did not light as it should. I got on your website and immediatly solved my problem. I will go and fix it immediately. I haven't time to read your full website, but look forward to doing so soon. Also, I'm delighted I can send gifts throughout the year and have you mail it. Congratulations on bringing a delightful light into our home. Wax is yucky! Arlene

Hayward, CA

I need the name the of the store in Kouts, IN that carries your merchandise. I received one as a Christmas gift last year, Loved IT! My husband and I would like to buy these as gifts for our office employees . We would like to go today but need the name of the store. Thanks!

(Griffith IN)

Very innovative and classic.

(SF California)

I currently own the prism tapers and I love them!!! I'd love to be able to see/buy the full line of your products.

(Columbia SC)

My favorite candles and my first choice of gifts for special people!

(Raleigh NC)

My husband bought me one of the liquid paraffin lamps on a recent business trip to Atlanta. It is beautiful. I have it lit every night.

(Nashville TN)

I’ve seen your booklet and would like to see about buying some. They are some of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time.

(Smiths AL)

We love your candles! I first found them in Wash, DC, about 10 years ago and began to collect them. We have most of your designs already and love to give them as gifts to other people. Thanks for a wonderful product that beautifies a room and gives a lifetime of pleasure!

(Allentown PA)

I was EXTREMELY impressed with the quality & design of products you have to offer. And best yet, it is something my mother doesn't have! She'll love one of your masterpieces for Christmas!

(Nekoosa WI)

My husband & I received our first piece of Firelight Glass for a Christmas present last year, and we've enjoyed every moment of its beauty. My husband and I would like to send to our families your wonderful glass and add to our own collection.

(Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

Wow—I cannot say enough good things about you! Not only are your candles stunning—but the company has a heart! This is so rare to find—you are definitely one of my wedding blessings! Thank you for the beautiful Waterlily stems! Our home will be brightened with your light which you have shared with us!

(Chicago IL)

I’ve enjoyed your hand-blown candles for many years. They are elegant and they make such lovely gifts.

(Redding CA)

I was just visiting your website looking for the pyramid-like glass lamp that was used in the show Babylon 5. Your glass is absolutely stunning.


Thank you for your wonderful products. They have truly enriched the atmosphere of my home.

(Belmont CA)

My husband purchased several Firelights for me for Christmas. I am so pleased with this gift. They are truly beautiful and absolutely a quality item. Great product! I have requested him to buy me more for future events.

(Ft Lauderdale FL)

Thanks…I do enjoy Firelight Glass and have purchased it again, both for friends & family, and I think you all do a glowing job---many thanks again.


Just wanted to say thanks and tell you that your customer service is way above the dismal norm theses days! Thanks—and I’ll be keeping you in mind for future purchases!

(Denver CO)

I was extremely happy when I received the mail today and had a response from you! Generally when a customer has a complaint the company is apologetic and then goes on to say that it will never happen again. Well, the response that I received from you was the best gesture that I could have ever imagined. I think your company is very good to its customers, and that is very important. And to tell you the truth, your oil lamps are of far better quality than your competitors.

(Tama IA)

I would like to say that I purchased some of your candles in Nashville at a place called a village of candles. I have really enjoyed these candles and they have made beautiful accent pieces to my home. I want to say that I would recommend them to anyone that loves to burn candles and etc.

(Lawrenceburg, Tennessee)

I have shopped for and purchased your candles for years ― --as gifts and for my own use. I have shipped them all over the U.S. in your sturdy packing boxes and have never had any problems. In fact, I was at your factory shopping this Saturday shopping for my sister in Little Rock. I fell in love with the liberty stars and the new sun dancer which I picked up as gifts and well as several of the old stand bys. I will be shipping them off in the next couple of days.

I have started getting creative with the votives and the shorter tapers and have put them in vases or large brandy snifters or huge goblets style glasses and then put colored glass pebbles around the candle. The candle light reflecting off the glass pebbles is really beautiful. Because I love cobalt blue, I have a couple of very large cobalt goblets that I have put the large votive in and then filled the goblets with clear marbles. The light reflecting off the marbles and through the blue cobalt glass in pretty spectacular.

(Concord, CA)

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