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Why Buy Oil Candles Instead of Wax Candles?

Safety ‘Top-of-the-line’ oil candles (and lamp oil fuel) provide candlelight that is safer, cleaner, more convenient and less expensive than wax candles. And we know that our many longtime customers would also say, ‘Firelight Glass oil candles are more beautiful than wax candles.’

A safety concern when using wax candles is that the position of the flame gets lower and lower as the candle burns down. Oil candles and lamps in general deliver a constant flame height.

Safety concerns about kerosene lamps do not apply to oil lamps using today's lamp oils. High quality lamp oils are primarily liquid paraffins, and very similar to most wax candles. Spontaneous combustion of liquid paraffins occurs at a much higher temperature than kerosene. Firelight Glass lamp oil is classified as combustible, not flammable.

Low Maintenence No more waxy mess. No more unpleasant odor as you would experience with kerosene lamps. No need to trim the wick and carved down the unburned wax around the wick on wax candles. Oil candles are more convenient. They require ‘refilling with lamp oil’, an occasional quick wick adjustment and dusting. Oil lamps allow you to bring candlelight into ‘the moment’ effortlessly.

Economical Compare the ‘cost per hour of candlelight’ when considering which type of candle to purchase. Purchasing oil candles will save you money and time. Consider for a moment that the price of wax candles varies greatly, along with the quality and performance. Wax candles have to be replaced. In contrast, most high quality lamp oil burns 4 to 6 hours per ounce. A few ounces of lamp oil are many times less costly than a new wax candle. Achieve extra savings by buying bulk lamp oil in one gallon or 2 ½ gallon containers. For instance, when you buy a 2.5 gallon bottle your cost per hour of candlelight will be roughly $.025 per hour.

Not all of today’s oil candles are the same. There ‘can be’ a big difference in the look and the performance. The Firelight Glass Collection of glass oil candles and lamps are transparent functional design pieces that work effortlessly through out the home.

We invite you to consider that the Firelight Glass Factory in California crafts the optimum oil candle. We think you'll find our site offers photos that really show you what our oil candles look like. The Firelight Glass customer service staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Use our 800-number during business hours (PST) and count on next business day shipping for almost any order.

Fiberglass Wick The Firelight Glass Factory has developed a high performance lifetime fiberglass & glass wick. This wicking is matched to each candle design in order to achieve an optimum flame height and long burning performance.

Clean Burning This optimum wicking works hand in hand with the Firelight Glass Lamp Oil. This fuel was developed especially for Firelight Glass oil candles and lamps, to provide a safe, high performance fuel for our special wicking. Firelight Lamp Oil burns extra bright (in most oil candles and oil lamps), with virtually no soot * or odor. (* The wick must be adjusted properly)

Functional Art High quality design oil candles and lamps can work easily as functional art in your home. Gift sets, complete with candle(s) and a bottle of lamp oil, make a unique 'ready -to-go' gift. A personalized glass oil lamp or candle set could be perfect for that special anniversary gift, as well a wedding or birthday gift.

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